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“You are no more armed because you own a handgun than you are a musician because you own a guitar.”

Col. Jeff Cooper, USMC, widely known as the Father of Modern Defensive Handgunning

We help our clients establish and cultivate Online Presence.

We think it’s not enough to simply own a website and be done. As the late Col. Cooper suggested, ownership of a thing does not mean the task is done. Online Presence, then, is more than a true/false status. It’s made up of three main concepts, into which we have categorized our services: BE THERE. BE SEEN. BE HEARD.


Today’s consumer looks online first.

With very few exceptions, consumers check the internet before they leave the house (that’s if they leave the house). They carry the internet in their pockets. They check it during commercial breaks, coffee breaks, and yes, bathroom breaks. Be there, online, or the rest of this is moot.



Whether your target customer looks online for your specific business or even uses a search engine to look for the kind of services/products you offer, it is our job to make sure they find you. Of course, there’s much more to it than simply having a website.

But you already knew that.

“As of January 2014, 87% of American adults use the internet.”

Source, Pew Research Center Internet Project Survey, 9-12 January 2014



Among the seemingly endless options in an ever-expanding cyber-marketplace, to truly be seen requires a proactive, focused effort. Yes, a static web presence may be better than nothing at all. Yet without actively engaging in the fight for the attention of your target audience, that “presence” may represent little more than showing up to prom and parking yourself in the corner. To be seen is to be active. What does that look like?

It might look like appearing in a page of Search Engine results via clever Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics and plugins. Depending on your needs, it might look like paid, targeted advertising on Google, YouTube, and Facebook. It might look like making routine updates to news on your site, or—more common these days—actually incorporating a blog onto the site for your viewers to read what’s new, browse older posts, and subscribe to upcoming ones learn about products, offers, tutorials, advice/opinion, etc.



Once we’ve established an active, online presence, it’s time for your voice to be heard. What is your message? Your philosophy? This is not just about announcing sales and special deals—although that’s part of it. One of the most powerful ways that successful businesses are being heard today is by sharing a bit of themselves on Social Media platforms like Facebook.

“Isn’t that stuff just for kids,” you ask?

Don’t ask us. Ask Coca-Cola (and their 84+ million Facebook followers), Amazon (their 25M+ followers), Visa (and their 15+ million followers), etc. The list goes on. There are three generations of people using Facebook and Twitter to get news about their favorite stuff.

We know. Collecting “likes” and “followers” seems like kiddie games. Maybe think of it this way: a “like” or a “follower” represents a person who has voluntarily subscribed to your ads, news, product/seminar updates, and anything else you wish to post from your Facebook or Twitter account. But that’s not all.

These are people that publicly recommend your services to their friends and family. People who see something they like and re-post, sharing it with their friends, family, colleagues, et al. This kind of exposure is invaluable. It’s more than brand recognition. It’s word-of-mouth evolved. It’s claiming your territory and protecting your turf. And it’s the kind of exposure that your biggest competitor is likely already getting.

There are 2.7 billion internet users worldwide, with 191.4 million in the United States. 73% of them use social networking.


Overwhelmed? Don’t be.

We can walk you do-it-yourselfers through the process, step by step. Better yet, one of the services we offer our clients is to set up the pages/accounts for you; we set it up, skin it with your brand, hook it all up to your website, automate it, and manage it for you. No logins, passwords, likes, pokes, tweets, hashtags, or friend requests. Let us worry about that. You’ve got work to do.