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We made it to Athens.

We’ve been truly blessed by the generosity of others. It feels like we’ve been riding a wave of good karma all the way here. Two days in London, four in Rome, and four in Florence – complete with a motorcycle ride through the stunning Tuscany hillside. Sounds luxurious, I know. We’re actually doing it on a minimal budget.

Even having worked hard, saved some money, and sold some stuff as we did, we still wouldn’t have been able to begin our travels together this spring without the generous offers/invites, wedding-gifted cash or hotel points, and the fact that we can fly standby to counter the otherwise-prohibitively expensive airfare. And when things went pear-shaped trying to get from London to Rome (a story I’ll tell later), we were moved by the love and support from family, friends, clients, and some last-minute midnight street locals that saved the day in Bari, Italy.

We arrived in our short-term home in Athens, Greece on 1 April. We took a few days to get settled, set up, and now we’re back to work.

In the coming weeks, I’ll share more about our experiences, how they relate to freelance work, and some of the observations that we’ve made with regards to some of the most excellent and most dreadful customer service experiences that we’ve had so far.

For now, please follow along on our personal/travel blog: