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Here at Vagabond Original, we like to start the day with some inspiration. Whether it’s reading an excerpt from The War of Art, browsing through our Pinterest and Tumblr, or playing the guitar – that inspiration gets the creative process going in the morning or is a great way to recharge during a break. Because of that, we decided to feature some of our favorite inspirational findings in a new series here on the blog.

To start the series, we’ve highlighted 9 incredibly talented artists. The snapshots of these creatives at work are just a glimpse at the amazing works of art they create.

1. It’s no surprise that Ariel Alasko’s shop is sold out of her beautiful handcrafted spoons, bowls, and trays.
2. This Maasai Woman learns business skills and gains financial independence through selling handmade jewelry.
3. Chopping boards and spice bowls are Andrea Brugi’s specialty at his charming workshop in Tuscany.
4. Father and master woodworker, Lance Herriott, creates stunning pieces while his daughter styles and sells them.
5. The sculptures made by Kendra Haste are so detailed and intricate. Hard to believe they are made of wire mesh.
6. The modern and minimalist ceramics created by Janaki Larsen would be a perfect addition in any home.
7. Hannah Ferrara of Another Feather handcrafts the most simple yet timeless jewelry pieces.
8. The founder and CEO of clothier Dyer and Jenkins, Josey Orr designs and creates premium denim and knitwear.
9. Delicate paper lamps are hand cut by Hannah Nunn in her quirky Yorkshire studio.

Feed your brain with some of these and tell us what you think in the comments below.