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Before deciding to coming to Athens, we were in the midst of planning our stay in Spain and Morocco. In my research, I came across a photo of a Tuareg man, pictured in photo No. 9.

The Tuareg are Berbers, a semi-nomadic, trading, Muslim people of North Africa. Against the barren, sandy dunes of the Sahara, the men are particularly conspicuous as they are noted for the indigo blue turbans and veils they wear.

In some realms of the design world, indigo is said to be the new black. I certainly wouldn’t go that far, but the color’s versatility and beauty make it easy to design with. It can go masculine or feminine and yet somehow, still remain very neutral.

This week, our inspiration is anchored in those rich, moody blue tones of indigo. 


1.  Serious wanderlust induced by this Casablanca mosque
2. Giraffe on the lookout in Botswana
3. Looking for a yacht to rent this weekend? This one’s only 200K.
4. Hexagonal tiles inspired by Japanese textile prints
5. On our wish-list while we’re in Greece: Santorini
6. Cast and hand forged bronze earrings with woven Irish linen
7. Crushed blue velvet ottoman and pillow
8. Charming little pot. Hand thrown, painted, and glazed.
9. Blue man of the Sahara