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This collection might be too stark and colorless for some, but to me, the subtle tones allow the creative design, craftsmanship, and forms to take center stage. The simple, sleek lines create unity and balance with the curves and hard edges blending together to combine design and function.

Before I began designing professionally, I didn’t realize just how difficult it is to successfully merge simple and straightforward design elements with those that are unique and aesthetically pleasing. I was able to recognize the difference between poor and great design, but I naïvely thought that meant my designs would come easily and flow from my fingertips (or mouse). It took try after try and repeated tutorials and coaching from Jeff to learn some of the new skills required for our work. I now know the frustration felt after spending hours on a project, realizing it’s no where near good enough, scraping it, and then beginning again. Over time I’ve developed and honed those skills, so the design process is familiar to me now, but I still don’t think I’d say I find the work easy.

Knowing how challenging my own progress was, now when I look at images like these, I can somehow see and appreciate the planning, preparations, and toil it must have taken for these artisans to form their creations.

“Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” – Paul Rand

1. An oft-overlooked aspect of home design is interior doorways, but it’s executed perfectly in this Dutch home.
2. This simple, yet elegant ceramics collection creates warmth and adds texture to liven up a minimalistic space.
3. The negative space found in this logo adds unique interest to an otherwise classic design.
4. Soft leather and the organic silhouette of this tulip-shaped clutch make it perfect for any season.
5. Black marble and brass lacquered elements form a sparse and modern timepiece.
6. I’ve always wanted to takes sleds, boards and motorbikes to the sand dunes of St. Anthony, Idaho.
7. Stepping stones cross a pool from the kitchen to the living room in this amazing home in California.
8. With his work so often misunderstood and misrepresented, in futility Rothko offered this final attempt at explanation.
9. This sleek and dramatic sofa takes its visual cues from mid-century modern design.