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Pantone was spot on when choosing Rose Quartz as one of this year’s Color of the Year. The world has certainly followed suit as this dusty hue seems to be everywhere.

As someone who is often annoyed that the vast majority of companies still continue to disregard the fact that not all women love their products cotton candy pink, bedazzled, and glittering, I’m glad this popular color has made its mark and manufacturers are slowly introducing more subtle, sophisticated, neutral color palettes (thank you, Living Proof).

While predominantly a feminine color in our culture, this shade pairs nicely with heavily masculine elements like rich leather, hammered metals, weathered woods, and rough stone. Check out this handsome office space that does just that. Not convinced? This quote should immediately dispel all doubt for you – by Kanye West (obviously, who else?).

“Why would anyone pick blue over pink? Pink is obviously a better colour.” – Kanye West

1. Wonderfully ethereal floral photography by Mady Dooijes.
2. Though we usually prefer motorbikes, cycling the chaotic streets of India sounds much safer.
3. Some day our path will lead us to these quaint towns in Andalusia.
4. But not before we wander the quiet village lanes and bustling medinas of Morocco.
5. A perfect pair. Pantone chose Serenity as Rose Quartz’s companion for their Colors of the Year.
6. One of my favorite Instagram photographers at Mt. Baker.
7. Never had a burning to desire to visit Poland, until now. So beautiful.
8. Cocorrina’s lettering designs were the primary inspiration for Allison when she began learning calligraphy.
9. A little time consuming, but plaster finished walls are definitely worth the wait.