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Findings 3

As much as I thought I was ready for Spring with it’s warmer temperatures and brighter colors, I couldn’t help but gravitate and be inspired by these stark images. Though austere, the detail and ornamentation livens an otherwise dreary palette. But let’s be honest, I love all things dreary, subdued, foggy, and moody.

Perhaps you prefer bright coral and aqua, rich gem tones, or a modern white on white look. What colors and hues inspire you? Leave us a comment and you might just see a findings collection curated just for you.

1.  Meticulously drawn hexagonal art by Claire Trotignon
2. Brass fixtures and geometric tiled floor from bathroom reno
3. Hand painted tobacco tin from the early 1900s
4. Victorian inspired business card created by Device Creative Collaborative
5. Steve Wolf’s hand lettered and vintage inspired city design
6. Circa 1925: T M Moore at the Great Pyramids after crossing the Libyan desert on a motorcycle
7. Stunning architecture of the Musée du Louvre photographed by Paul Galbraith
8. Wise words to live by from Striking Truths
9. Dramatic and moody perpetual calendar by Ariana Pozdynak