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We were so excited when Erica Sanders, Allison’s dear friend from high school, reached out to us to create the branding and website for her new business, Bluff Creamery. Erica’s life-long passion for dairy farming grew into realizing her dream of hand-crafting artisan sheep cheeses. The cheeses are delicious and are characteristically rich and robust with flavor.

For her brand, she wanted a timeless, vintage feel to compliment the traditional techniques of cheese making. The simplicity and familiarity of the logo, photography, and other design elements reflect the warmth and charm of Erica’s farmstead creamery.

One of the greatest joys of working on this project was Erica’s complete faith and trust in our design intuition and capabilities. Of course she laid out the general direction and had her preferences, but we were largely uninhibited as we worked to create the perfect visual identity for a wonderful business and friend.